PDF-XChange Tutorials

Define and use Watermarks

PDF-XChange (only supported in Standard and PRO version) allows you to add Watermarks on a specific page, combinations of pages - or ranges of pages - within you generated PDF file.

These can be Text or Images you may have numerous watermarks of both types resident on the pages specified.

See how it goes...

  • Print a document in MS Word by choosing the command "File / Print"

  • In the "Print" Windows click "Properties"

Print Properties

  • Click "Watermarks" (1) and click "Enable Printing Watermark" and choose an already made Watermark (2)
  • or click "New" (3) to setup a new watermark

Wasserzeichen wählen

  • First choose a name for your new Watermark (4) and the type for your new Watermark (5)
  • Under "Text" (6) enter the text for your Watermark and choose the Font type, colour and Size (7) you like to use.
  • If you like you can rotate the Watermark (8)

Wasserzeichen erstellen



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