PDF-XChange Tutorials

The Overlay Function in PDF-XChange for creating Letterheads etc.

PDF-XChange PRO and Standard (not supported in the Lite version) allows you to create overlays which you can use as letterhead (for example) just as you would with printed documents.

See how it goes...

  • If you like to make a new Letterhead, for example, you may design your letterhead in MS Word and save this document as a PDF File.
  • If you now like to print a new invoice with your just created letterhead on it, just print your invoice document in MS Word by choosing the command "File / Print" and activate the "PDF-XChange Standard" printer (1) if it isn't already activated.

  • Then click on "Properties" (2)

Print Properties

  • Click "Overlay" (2)  and click "Overlay with an existing PDF File"

  • Click now "Browse" (3) and choose the PDF File that you have created before.

  • You can leave the rest as it is (4)


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