Selection of the menu bar & language setting in PDF-XChange Editor

Language Settings

In Order to adjust the language settings for the menu bar in PDF-XChange Editor proceed as follows...

  • Open the PDF-XChange Editor and choose "File / Preferences" (1 + 2)

  • In the window "Preferences...", in the right part of the window, you have to click on „Languages" (3)
  • Select the language of your choice (4).
  • and confirm your changes with “Set as Default“ (5) and click "Apply" (6)

Selection of the menu bar in PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor gives you three options for selecting the menu bar

  • The Ribben menu bar you may already know from MS Office
  • The classic PDF-XChange Editor menu bar as you may know from previous versions of PDF-XChange Editor
  • As well as the touch screen optimized menu bar

To change the menu bar, click on the icon in the upper right screen

Selection of the menue bar

and then select the desired menu (default setting during installation is the "Ribben menu bar"

Selection of the menu bar

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