PDF-XChange Editor Tutorial

Menu "Review"

Embedding Comments

Via the function "Add Comments", register “Review”, you can insert comments into the PDF file at any place you want. Those annotations can also be saved and printed with the document.

Like this, forms in the document can also be provided with helpful comments, helping users to fill in the form.

Comment List

If a PDF document is receiving comments from different users, those comments can be summed up with the help of the function "Comments List” and will be saved into a separate PDF file with or without the respective PDF text.

The way and format of the summary’s output as well as the different options for the sorting and structuring of the document can be adjust in the menu window.

Export Comments to Data File

If you want to transfer comments from a PDF file to another, use same file at a later date, or use a newly edited document again, you can easily do that with the "Export” command and export the comments to data file.

For this click the register “Comment” and “Export”

The comments from the source file to be exported in the so-called XFDF format will be saved as a new file on your PC. This can then be either imported into another PDF file or added to the former output file again if necessary.

The storage of comments as detached files is easy even if you only want to send the comment components of a PDF document to another user via e-mail, which already has the same or a similar output file.

The comment file takes up much less space and is therefore quickly downloadable to the respective workstations, even by slow systems, which has proved to be an advantage especially with larger output PDF files.


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