PDF-XChange Editor Tutorial

Menu "Organize"

Insert page

If you click on the register "Organize", "Insert", "Insert Pages" in the PDF-XChange Editor, a homonymous menu window opens, where you can add a PDF document to the already opened file.

For this, first select the source file, chooses the pages in the second step, which you want to insert and enter the target place in the edited document, where the new pages should be insert in the file.

Insert empty pages

With the function "Insert Empty pages" you can add any number of empty pages into the PDF document at any place you choose.

Those can be managed in the menu window to your liking. You can adjust them by size, count and format.

Extract pages

Single or multiple pages from an existing PDF document can be extracted with the function "Extract Pages" into one or several new files.

In the menu window you can adjust the respective settings and the target folder, where the new file(s) shall be saved.

Delete pages

If you want to delete one or several pages from a PDF file, you can do this with the help of the function "Delete Pages".

In the respective menu you can adjust the settings easily to your needs.

Rotate pages

If you want to rotate one or several pages within a PDF document by 90° or 180° clockwise or counter clockwise, you can use the respective function in the menu "Document" and "Rotate Pages".

Additionally you can set if only want to rotate the pages with portrait format, landscape format or all pages.

Cut pages

With the aid of the so called crop box function in the menu "Crop Pages" or "Crop Page Tool", you can cut the document shown in the preview window on the right side to the size you need and only the content you didn’t cut off, will be displayed in the document.

The respective border limits can be changed by drag and drop or in the adjustment menu of this function.

Also in the adjustment menu you can set if all pages should be cut in the same manner, only some or only one of the pages.

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