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PDF-XChange Editor Tutorial

Language Settings

In Order to adjust the language settings for the menu bar in PDF-XChange Editor proceed as follows...

Edit PDF Documents

With PDF-XChange Editor, it is possible that you change the text in previously created PDF documents, delete it, move, and format it.
Also,the option to move, enlarge or delete the graphics is made possible with the PDF-XChange Editor.

How to create your own stamps

With the PDF XChange Editor, you can import your own stamps into the editor. This can be, for example, another notice stamp, a company stamp or your signature.

How to design a company stamp or a transparent signature

With the PDF XChange Editor, you can create your own stamp. This can be, for example, a company stamp or your signature. The great thing is that you can create the stamp with a transparent background, so that, for example, your signature “flows” over the text, as is often the rule, and as if you had actually signed the document yourself.

Menu Review

Menu Organize

Menu Comment

How to insert a PDF document via drag and drop

In the PDF-XChange Editor it is possible to add further PDF documents to an existing document via drag and drop.

Permanently change font type for typewriter tool

In the PDF-XChange Editor it is possible to adjust the pre-defined typewriting font as well as the typewriting field (rectangle) to the own requirements.

Censorship Black Text

In PDF-Xchange Editor, you can black out text passages or individual words so that they are no longer readable.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature or ID is more commonly referred to as a digital certificate. To digitally sign a PDF document, you need a current (not expired) digital certificate.


PDF-XChange Pro / PDF-XChange Standard Tutorial

The different print option in PDF-XChange

You have several different print options in PDF-XChange. You can, for example, print four normal MS Word A4 sites into ONE A4 PDF-Site. You also can print brochures or books.

Font embedding...

Ensures that the original fonts used in a document are displayed even if the reader of the PDF does not have the fonts installed on his or her computer.

You can choose which fonts to embed into your PDF document. Embedding fonts ensures that the recipient of the document will see the same fonts as were used to create the document even if the fonts are not installed on the recipient's computer. Only pdfFactory shows the fonts that are actually used in the document instead of the entire list of installed fonts.

Define and use Watermarks

PDF-XChange (only supported in Standard and PRO version) allows you to add Watermarks on a specific page, combinations of pages - or ranges of pages - within you generated PDF file.

These can be Text or Images you may have numerous watermarks of both types resident on the pages specified.

Customized header and footer information...

Customized header and footer information are unavailable from all applications and can be a hassle to modify.

PDF-XChange easy-to-use header and footer features enable instant customization of your print out with useful information.

The Overlay Function in PDF-XChange for creating Letterheads etc.

PDF-XChange PRO and Standard (not supported in the Lite version) allows you to create overlays which you can use as letterhead (for example) just as you would with printed documents.

How to Secure your PDF Document...

Encrypt and control access to PDF files as follows:

  • Prevent printing PDFs
  • Prevent copying text and graphics
  • Prevent opening without a password
  • Prevent editing (yes, PDFs can be edited)

Combine multiple documents into a single PDF...

Increases the convenience of document delivery by having a single PDF that contains material from different sources. Just keep printing documents to PDF-XChange and they will automatically be combined.

The Tools in the PDF-XChange PRO Version

PDF-XChange Pro includes also the PDF-Tools which is offering you the following functions...

Language settings for the menu bar in PDF-XChange

In order to change the language settings for the menu bar in PDF-XChange proceed as follows...

How to create PDF/A documents

With PDF-XChange Pro and Standard, it is possible to create PDF / A 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2u, 3a, 3b, 3u documents