PDF-ToolsAllowing both the creation (from Image file formats, Image Scanners/Web CAMS and text files etc) and manipulation of Adobe compatible PDF files, PDF-Tools is an ideal tool to compliment your existing PDF creation application or as a 'stand alone' tool in it's own right! And PDF-Tools requires no additional 'plug-ins' or applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Distiller.

Also now includes the new PDF-XChange Editor* with a visual means to markup and  modify your PDF files! Or get PDF-Tools as part PDF-XChange Pro.

* PDF-XChange Viewer PRO included with PDF-Tools does not qualify for the Free PDF-XChange Lite offered with the PDF-XChange Viewer purchase.

Feature List

  • Over 20 available Standard Batch Process Tools that can be cloned and tailored to meet users specific requirements.
  • Create Custom Batch Process Tools from almost any of the available actions.
  • Convert Files to PDFs - Easily converts files with supported formats (raster or vector images, text files, MS-Office documents, XPS files, etc.) to PDF
  • Create PDF from Images  - Create a single PDF document from one or more raster images
  • Create PDF from Text - Create a PDF document from one or more text files.
  • Scan to PDF - Create new PDF documents directly from your scanner
  • Split/Merge PDFs - Combines multiple PDFs into one PDF or splits them to new PDFs, automatically and/or manually.
  • Add/Remove Bates Numbering - Provides Bates numbering for indexing legal documents, for easy identification and retrieval
  • Add/Remove Header and Footer - Adds a header and/or footer to PDF pages that may include a date, automatic page numbering, title, author, etc.
  • Add/Remove Pages Background - Sets solid or graphic background behind existing page content and removes custom backgrounds and restores to solid-white
  • Add/Remove Watermarks - Adds/Removes text or an image that appears either in front of or behind existing page content
  • Convert to PDF/A - Converts PDF documents to PDF/A compliant standard for long-term archiving and preservation needs.
  • Crop Pages - Adjusts the visible page area, changes or removes white margins on pages, sets page boxes.
  • Resize Pages - Increases or reduces size of pages, scales page content optionally.
  • Rotate Pages - Rotates specified pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise in PDF document.
  • Extract Pages - Extracts specified page range from PDF document to a new document.
  • Extract Images from PDF - Scans PDF files for raster images contained in document content to extract and save them to image files
  • OCR Pages - Optically recognizes text characters in a PDF document, creates selectable and searchable text layer on pages.
  • Optimize PDF - Optimizes the document content to reduce the size of a PDF file, where possible.
  • Export PDF to Images - Exports pages from one or more PDFs to different raster image formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Change Document Properties - Sets document properties: title, author, subject, keywords, etc.
  • Password Secure PDF - Protects PDF documents by setting password for opening and/or changing contents of the document.
  • Add Digital Signature - Adds new signature field to PDFs and signs them using a certificate-based digital ID.
  • Clear Digital Signatures - Removes all digital signatures, if possible, leaving unsigned signature fields.
  • Timestamp PDFs - Adds a time stamp from an authorized server that establishes the exact contents of the complete PDF file at the time the stamp is applied.
  • Certify PDFs - Secures a PDF documents by certifying it with a particular type of signature field called a certified signature.
  • Windows XP > Windows 10
  • All the features available in the licensed PDF-XChange Editor & PDF-XChange Lite products.
    (please note: PDF-XChange Editor is available for Windows XP and later only.)
  • and much more !!!
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