How do I Activate my License keys in V9

New Procedures

Changes to the Licensing system have been made in V9, and Users will now need to activate their license keys on a specific device to cover all facets of our products. We have done our best to make this a seamless process for end users, as easy as 1, 2, 3, (Apply, activate, use).

If you purchase from a Reseller, your Reseller Activation Code will still work as it did previously, and you will still need to first use the activation code to generate our full length serial keys. Those serial keys will then need to be "Activated" once again in the software, to associate the key to the device.

Upon installation of any V9 product, your license keys should be checked for activation, and will present a banner notifying you if any keys have yet to be activated.

Clicking the Activate License keys button will open our new activation dialog where you can choose to proceed with online or offline activation. This process will register your specific device to your license key. Going forward, if you need to migrate to a new device, you will need to de-register the previous device first.

If you need additional details on this feature, or have questions, please review the sections below by clicking on each header.