What is the benefit of the new OCR plugin

Enhanced OCR PluginThe new V9 Enhanced OCR plugin includes the following highly-anticipated features that extend the OCR functionality of our dynamic PDF-XChange products:

  • The Character Recognition is more accurate and significantly faster than the default OCR engine or V8 EOCR Plugin
  • Recognizes stylistic elements of text such as the Font, Color, Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Underline values.
  • Recognizes tables in scanned documents and generates shapeobjects along with converted text in order to maintain a crisp output.
  • Create PDFs with "Editable Images and Text" - which replaces image-based text in source documents with standard, editable text.
  • Create PDFs with "Fine Page Content" - which replaces the original page content with new content that contains only text and images recognized during the process of OCR.
  • Supports 150 languages improved from 50 and includes 'RTL' (Right to Left) Language support such as Arabic and Hebrew
  • Embedded utility 'Resources Updater' makes it possible to install new (or update existing) OCR languages without having to restart the application.
  • "Auto-Detect Image Skew" automatically detects image skews (up to +- 45 degrees) and/or incorrect page rotations (90, 180 or 270 degrees) in scanned documents.
  • "Correct Auto-Detected Image skew" corrects image skews and incorrect page rotations that the "Auto-Detect Image Skew" feature identifies.
  • COMING SOON: Multi-Threaded Processing, which enables OCR to be performed on multiple pages in parallel threads. Users that have machines with multiple processors/cores can enjoy a significant reduction in the time taken to OCR large documents - usually at least twice as fast as the default OCR engine.