PDF-XChange Customer Testimonials

What customers say about PDF-XChange

I have been working with Jaws PDF for a decade. Due to the conversion to new hardware and a new 64-bit operating system and because Jaws’s successor was no good, I had to start looking for a successor. After almost a dozen tests I have finally decided for your PDF-XChange Pro. For reasons of cost, I have not tested Acrobat. Compared to all other programs (including Nuance, Nitro, Foxit, among others), PDF-XChange was the only one that converted my complex documents (created by Softmaker Office) correctly into PDF files. Despite all its comforts, the software is clear and fast at the same time, and created PDF files are accurate and very compact. A 64-bit problem when scanning has been fixed immediately thanks to the prompt support from the manufacturer. Not least, the quite favorable price has delighted me as well. Therefore, my conclusion is, “Thoroughly recommended“! Kind regards, Ulrich Boehmke
Hello, first of all, awesome checkout completion. Ordered via PayPal and actually, only seconds later, the registration code arrived by email. Have been using the program in the previous version for years already, but now updated it to the latest version. So far, I am also super happy with this new version. Very fast, easy operation und super extensive range of features. I can only recommend this product!! Rainer P.
I am very satisfied with your product. Very intuitive and super value for money indeed. JM
I previously used something from A..... on my computer, something from the same range as your PDF-XChange Pro, but there is no comparison!!! Your software is just much, much better and much, much, much cheaper!!! Your product runs absolutely smoothly and stably under Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)!!! Even after the purchase, an absolutely high-quality support is provided!!! Best regards, Karl-Heinz Kajan
Hello, everything went really well, could install it immediately, perfect. The software offers more than I expected, especially the PDF tools are awesome. In fact, have only worked with it shortly, but I am thrilled. The whole handling, for my part, nothing to complain about. So keep it up and thank you. I also like the fact that I can give you feedback, maybe it is a bit early for the software, but not for the handling. Joerg Fritz
I have been a user of PDF-Xchange’s free version, and for some time now I am a user of the Pro version. There is simply no comparison. The options are enormous and more comprehensive. Gradually I am using a large part of the features, and they all make sense. Have just bought a second license for another computer. Frieder Hanisch
We create reports in a very challenging layout using the actually overburdened MS Word with text frames and also fill these with photos and graphics of all kinds. Single pdf-converters available as freeware do not process these templates impeccably. We never had a problem with pdf-XChange. Only one. And the support has resolved and fixed that problem within 2 hours and 8 minutes. I thought that was very impressive. Klaus Ermecke
I am impressed that finally someone has realized how to explain software features in an excellent graphic way. And this in many single steps, so that everything you have learned so quickly will retain in your memory. In this respect, I ordered 3 full licenses of your software yesterday. Keep it up! Wolfgang Roessner
Order and delivery of the license key were completed within minutes. The fact that you also include working (!) links to possible installation questions in your mails containing the key, speaks for you. Good job! :) PDF-XChange is an excellent alternative to Acrobat and is already in constant use with me. The installation provides clear options and instructions to be followed. Such utility programs have to look LIKE THAT! Not to mention the unbeatable price... *ahem* Markus Gantner
Wow, there are indeed software developers with brains! It is so simple and logical to use the program, something that has become very rare in the software industry! I am completely satisfied. Ernstberger
Thank you very much for the quick delivery, and congratulations to your really great product. The price has paid for itself already. Wilfried Kaesser
I am very happy with this software. It provides small files with excellent resolution. Moreover, this software has really good tools.  I am absolutely thrilled! Wolfgang Gutke
Thank you very much indeed for your very fast and very detailed answer. Only now I had the time to install it. Everything worked right away, I am thrilled. Therefore, even if it is a bit late, I wanted to give a big praise to the support. Hermann Kaiser
The handling was superb; the same can be said about the product. Especially the Viewer in the Pro version is all I could have wished for. So far the best PDF product I know. Top quality results and also logical in use. Thank you. Manfred Feldhoff
I have already given feedback to the homepage in English. In short: Kudos to you, the latest Adobe Acrobat needs more than 2 GB on the hard drive; your program just needs 57 MB to accomplish everything you need! Excellent, highly recommended! Have uninstalled Adobe. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Grau
I am very pleased with your service. Also the support after the purchase is excellent. Your explanations especially are very helpful for all practical purposes. I can highly recommend your company. Rolf-Dieter Ruegamer
Top notch, I would say. On Thursday I transferred the money, and the next day already, on Friday, the license key was forwarded to me. Well, it could not have been better and faster. I am enthusiastic. About the program, too. I have been searching for an alternative to Adobe for quite a while, and while doing so, I have come across PDF XChange Viewer. This program provided everything I needed, was fast and the price was nice, too. All in all, a really good deal. Juergen Orbat
Since I already knew PDF XChange, I knew what to expect. Or not, because you very rarely see that an order and the delivery of the license key go so fast and smoothly. One is prepared to wait for days and, lo and behold, it has only been minutes. You have top service. Just keep it up. :) Christoph Marx
I call that exceptional customer service. Thank you very much for the 2nd license key. According to my impressions so far, PDF XChange is in no way inferior to Acrobat, except for the attractive price. ;-) Joerg Zielasek
I like the fact that you can do much more than only view PDF documents: comments, conversion into Word and you can copy and write on them, that way I was able to edit my seminar materials much better. The program is simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stefan Bonifer
Very attractive price, fast processing times, good user interface. Joerg Zielase
So far, my additionally purchased Helvetica fonts were not displayed at all when converting PDFs with an expensive program. However, they were displayed in another program, but the letters of headlines and slogans in bold type were illustrated in totally different degrees. A restless topsy-turvy image. In your PDF X-Change program, with just one click everything was presented in a perfect, accurate and clean manner, including complex formatting and images. Well done; working this way is fun. Thanks for the good, very useful follow-up service. With the help of that, one discovers the value of this program with all its features in a much better way. Eveline Hafner Beck
I am stoked!! Adobe is nothing compared to that. Very easy to work with. Ewald Witzke
What I especially like is that PDFs may be created from every program and that the small size of the required file cannot be beaten. Private
I have come across the PDF-Xchange by accident, and I can only confirm that it converts much slimmer and it is just superb. An absolute alternative to the classic Adobe. Kind regards, Peter Schietz
Many optimization options which, however, do not require too much user knowledge; intuitive, very good conversion results; slim files are generated. Eugen Schwitter
Fast, stable and reliable; above all less memory requirements compared to Adobe. Jens-Uwe Weilan
What I particularly like about PDF-XChange is that virtually all tools which are mostly used are available and especially that the resolution setting can be set in the first window and has not to be searched for somewhere hidden on the 2nd or 3rd layers. User friendly. Great e-course documents. Klaus Koeppel